Created Dec 2012

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This is the approved AZ Zombie Divers Logo

No Free Rides!

A whole ecosystem!

Which way did the Shark GO!

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"Only Humans Dive in Shallow Water"
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Welcome to our new page

Simply stated our club is growing very nicely and we have a lot of active members. We have some wondeful things happening with the club. and some great ideas moving forward...With some awesome graphics by our resident professional, Merlin, and many great ideas and activities planned for our members this club is going to be a hit.

This website is dedicated to Scuba Divers, their familites, and our sport. If you have ideas or information you would like to see added to this site, like a Weblink, a particular RSS feed, etc, just let us know an we will do our best to get it added.

We are located in the East Valley and are making great strides in the building and refinement of our club and our sport....C'mon! we're zombies afterall! Please send suggestions to:

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